The Best Timeshare Locations for People who Love Whale Watching

The experience of watching one of the largest sea creatures in the world playing in the ocean is an amazing opportunity. The western coast of the United States and Mexico offers a variety of locations to enjoy whale watching, but that is only the beginning. If you are a whale watching enthusiast, there are opportunities all over the world to experience a whale watching expedition during your timeshare vacation.

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A few of the most popular areas for whale watching include Alaska, Oregon, California, Cabo San Lucas and the Hawaiian islands. These locations are not only beautiful destinations in their own right, but they can provide you with whale watching opportunities that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. If you are shopping around for a timeshare to purchase or rent, why not choose one in a location that allows you to easily enjoy your whale watching hobby to the fullest?


Alaska offers one of the most concentrated populations of humpback whales in the world. As a result, Alaska is one of the most popular destinations for whale sightings. During a trip to the area, visitors will experience a beautiful wilderness with amazing views that are untouched by the modern world. Whales are particularly plentiful in Alaska from May to September since it serves as a resting ground for the whales as they feed and enjoy the warmer summer Alaskan waters. Popular locations in Alaska for whale watching include Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Depoe Bay, Oregon

Located on Oregon’s coast, Depoe Bay is also known as a popular whale watching destination. The months of December through February and March through May are the best times to whale watch in the area. During the winter months, the whales are heading south to northern Mexico to breed; they return to Alaska during the summer months. The whales often pause near this area to feed on the Depoe Bay reefs. Due the closeness of the whales to the coast, many times tourists are able to view a whale’s entire body as it feeds on the reefs. (To see available timeshares for sale or rent in Oregon – Click Here)

San Diego, California

During the months of January through March, San Diego is one of the main destinations of the blue and gray whale. During these months the whales leave their feeding grounds in Alaska for the warm waters of Baja, California. San Diego is along their migration path to these warmer southern waters. Excursions in this area are also wonderful opportunities to catch a glimpse of dolphins as they swim and play in the water. (To see available timeshares for sale or rent in California – Click Here)

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

During the autumn months, gray whales migrate to near Cabo San Lucas and the Sea of Cortez. Whale season in this area is normally between December and March. During this time, the seas are teeming with gray whales, humpback whales and Pacific bottlenose dolphins. Selecting a cruise with marine biologists on board will add to the uniqueness of your trip as you enjoy the warm weather of Cabo San Lucas. (To see available timeshares for sale or rent in Cabo San Lucas – Click Here)


Hawaii is often the final destination of the humpback whales as they migrate from the Arctic. Within this beautiful area the humpback relaxes and enjoys the tropical water as it gives birth to its young. During a cruise, tourist may find that the humpback whales often swim very close to boats. The main location of humpback whale sightings includes Maui, Oahu and Kauai. December through March are the best times to travel to the Hawaiian islands for whale sightings. (To see available timeshares for sale or rent in Hawaii – Click Here)

Whales are amazing creatures and their migration route is a testament to their resilience. Selecting a timeshare in any one of these areas can give you a prime opportunity to enjoy viewing these sea creatures.

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