Small Children and Timeshare Rentals: A Match Made in Heaven

Timeshares can be the perfect means for the entire family to enjoy a great vacation together. If you choose the right one, a timeshare can be budget friendly and loaded with amenities and on-site activities. It can also be located near exciting family-friendly destinations, offering space to stretch out and relax with a "home away from home" feel.

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Timeshares offer a sensible way to enjoy a first-class vacation with small children without spending a fortune. Little ones do not understand the concept of recessions or economic downturns — and if they did, they would still want to go to Disney Land or Disney World. Timeshares keep a family’s possibility of taking a vacation alive, potentially saving you nearly 50 percent of the cost of a rental compared to a comparable hotel stay. Timeshares are also ideal for multi-family vacations, providing opportunities for small children to pack in the fun playing with cousins while the parents can spend quality time reuniting with the adults in their immediate family.

Timeshare condos really can be homes away from home. Many are surprisingly spacious, with distinct living spaces for dining, entertaining, resting and so on. If you are vacationing with small children, you will not feel cramped and cooped up like you would in a small hotel room; you and your kids will have plenty of space to move about freely.

Many condos include a full-size kitchen, which can be important for children who have special dietary needs. This kitchen will include a refrigerator to hold your perishable foods and cabinet space for non-perishable snacks and meal items. An oven, stove, microwave, pots, pans and bakeware will be provided to cook meals and reheat food. Most even include all necessary dishes, glasses, cups and eating utensils, along with a dining room in which to enjoy meals as a family. When finished with the meal, a dishwasher is standing by to clean and dry the dishes.

Most timeshares also contain a washer and dryer for bathing suits and dirty clothing. Many properties also include a private hot tub for complete relaxation and escape. Parents can enjoy a spa-like experience right in the timeshare while the baby naps or small children watch their favorite television show or movie with no need for a babysitter.

On-site activities for small children mean further relaxation for you. Many timeshare resorts offer plenty of opportunities to keep small children occupied with fun craft activities, pool parties, ice cream socials, playgrounds, arcade game rooms and other fun activities scheduled throughout the day. Parents can enjoy wine and beer tastings, golf, shopping and other activities in the surrounding area. These amenities are typically included in the cost of the rental, saving you even more money.

When considering renting a timeshare, be sure to thoroughly investigate its schedule and the amenities it offers — as well as the fees and the use contract — to ensure that it will meet your family’s needs. Timeshares rentals are available nearly anywhere in the world. Families with small children can get out and explore exotic locations and local treasures more easily because of the convenience they provide. This means that the world can still be an adult’s playground, as the condo’s close proximity to the travel destination makes it possible for you to enjoy yourself while still allowing small children the rest they need.

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