For Sale by Owner vs. Using an Agent to Sell your Timeshare

After making the decision to sell your timeshare, you have two primary options for how to do so - hiring an agent or selling the property yourself. Each option includes positives and negatives. Which is better in your case depends on your own situation and preferences.

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There is a great deal of confusion and disagreement in timeshare circles about the best way to buy or sell a timeshare. Many people swear having an agent is the way to go. An equal number will tell you that you should sell your timeshare yourself and pocket more money on the deal. Both opinions have merit, but every case is different. Before you make any decisions about how to sell your timeshare, you should take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of each sales method.

For Sale by Owner

The Good: No one knows the benefits of your timeshare property like you do. After all, you have probably spent at least one or two vacations there. You know all the things that drew you to that particular timeshare in the first place, and you can give a detailed account of these draws to potential buyers. In addition, it is true that by selling your timeshare yourself you can save yourself an agency commission that could run as high as fifteen percent or more.

The Bad: You may not be aware of fluctuating market values in the area in which you are selling. It is easy for people without a great deal of real estate acumen to price themselves right out of the market. With the economy in such a fragile state and people looking to save money any way they possibly can, it is all too easy to set your selling price well above the mean, reducing your chances of a sale drastically.

The Ugly: Because timeshares are a buyers’ market right now, an unskilled negotiator could wind up losing thousands of dollars in potential profits because of impatience or a sense of urgency to sell. These days, cash in pocket is more important than ever, so before you decide to broker your own sale, you need to set firm limits on how low you are willing to go.

Using an Agent

The Good: Agents have spent years acquiring the knowledge and skills to craft the best possible deal for their clientele. They understand how to accentuate the positives and downplay the negatives of any property, which in turn helps maximize profits. When an agent lists a timeshare, you can be sure the greatest aspects of the property are the ones that will be showcased in the listing and showings.

The Bad: Agents, of course, cannot afford to work for free any more than anyone else can. The training, continuing education, and rigorous licensing requirements for a reputable agent all cost money, and that cost is relayed directly to the clientele in the form of commissions and finders’ fees.

The Ugly: Unscrupulous agents are fairly rare, but they are out there. These predators range from fine print manipulation artists, who claim a contract says one thing when the document actually says the opposite, to out and out scam artists who fleece both the seller and the buyer, taking money from both and leaving everyone with nothing. Before you engage the services of an agent, do your homework. Get references, check out their resume, and make sure they are who they claim to be.

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