Can You Stay in a Timeshare Year Round?

Timeshare resorts are located in popular vacation destinations all over the world. However, it is possible to travel from one to another, staying in timeshares full time just like some retired couples do in RVs. The rules are a little different for a timeshare, though, so it is important to understand how the system works.

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Many people retire, sell their home and travel in their RV full time. This is often a dream come true for them as they travel to different areas of the country and stay from one night to several months at the same campground. No electricity, water or trash bills to pay and yet they enjoy great amenities at the campground at which they are staying. Most people do get tired of traveling at some point and come back home to settle down, but for the months or years they are gone, this can be a unique and amazing lifestyle. Some people, instead of an RV, follow a similar lifestyle with a selection of timeshares.

Timeshares are set up with everything someone needs to live. Washer, dryers, fully equipped kitchens and virtually any other modern luxury imaginable can be found ready to use. Of course, timeshare residents generally do more than simply live in these timeshares because of the great amenities most of them possess. Golf courses, swimming pools, exercise equipment, spas and breathtaking views all surround the units in most timeshare resorts.

If you are interested in living in a timeshare – possibly even full time – you will need to either rent or own one. Every timeshare owner has the right to use the timeshare for a certain period of time each year. Some of them have a specified week and others work on a points system. Often the resorts will assign different point values to different times of the year. Therefore, if you plan to spend a significant amount of time in timeshares, it is a good idea to find a resort that is on special or is being offered at a discount.

Living in a single unit full time is generally not possible. Most of them have rules about how long the condo can be stayed in annually. Every timeshare company has different rules, but most of them do not allow someone to move in and stay indefinitely – however tempting this idea might sound after you see just how comfortable timeshare living can be.

With a little creativity, however, it is completely possible to live in timeshares full time. Just like the retired couple who sells their home and travels from camp spot to camp spot, a timeshare owner could go from one resort to another and travel all over the world. It would simply take careful planning and a solid understanding of the timeshare exchange program. Each timeshare company is different, though, so it is important that you thoroughly understand how to use the system. Some individuals – especially those looking for a unique mental challenge – enjoy the game of living this way for as low a price as possible through exchanges and rentals.

Staying in timeshares can be a wonderful experience; most people can bring their clothes and some favorite foods and feel right at home. Many love vacationing this way, but few attempt it for more than a short while. Just because most do not do so, however, does not mean that in theory you could not live in timeshares full time. Especially for retirees with disposable income, this can be the perfect way to add a unique element of excitement and adventure to life.


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